Sathu Maavu Mix 150g


Sathu Maavu mix ( For 10+ month babies)

The hero ingredient in this mix – kala chana (black/brown chickpeas)  is what makes it irreplaceable for your kiddo. Gain the multi benefits of this sprouted legume alongwith the nutrtious dry fruits and mild spicyness of ginger… Let your baby adapt to a mild spicy taste and prepare his palette for the entire range of foods.

  • Best food for weight gain in babies
  • Boosts stamina
  • Combination of healthy dietary sources such as cereals, dry fruits, and pulses gives instant energy

Ginger is best for easing digestion & fighting common cold and cough.

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Sathu maavu ingredients –
Sprouted Black bengal gram(kala chana), sprouted wheat, sprouted green gram, sprouted jowar, sprouted ragi, bajra, red rice, amaranth seeds(rajgira), chana dal, sago(sabudana), walnuts, almonds, cashews and ginger powder.

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