Nachni Satva 500g


Nachni Satva –For 6+ month babies

Enriched with the goodness of the super food of india – ragi. And sprouting adds additional nutritional value to it.  As a whole grain, ragi has a huge calcium and iron content when compared to many other cereals. Feeding babies with ragi porridge on a regular basis can help to improve their overall immunity and growth. None of the other cereals come close to ragi when talking about the calcium and iron content. Calcium plays a vital role in bone development. Ragi is a good stomach filling food for babies. Few other important health benefits of ragi for babies are listed below:

  • Useful during teething years as it has good quantity of calcium and amino acid threonine.
  • Cardomom in nachni satva  provides improved digestion, healthy skin and the ability to fight common cold and flu
  • Due to the presence of amino acid tryptophan, babies become emotionally agile and it also aids in killing the anxiety and depression feelings.
  • Iron content supports blood formation and prevents iron deficiency diseases.

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Nachni satva ingredients –
Sprouted ragi and cardomom

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